Graduation Requirements


To be awarded a PhD in Climate Change and Human Habitat, candidates are required to pass all courses with a minimum of “B” Grade, being WASCAL standard, made up of the following:

  1. Compulsory (Core) courses of 31 credit units
  2. Elective courses of 9 credit units
  3. Seminar of 2 credit units
  4. PhD dissertation of 6 credit units.
  5. No candidate shall be permitted to defend his/her dissertation unless all course work requirements are satisfied.
  6. At least ONE paper from the dissertation MUST be published in a reputable journal before external examination can take place.
  7. The final corrected version of the PhD dissertation MUST be re-submitted within three (3) months (90 days) from the date of oral defense.
  8. The candidate who has satisfied these requirements (and others clearly stipulated in the PGS prospectus) and has passed an oral examination within the prescribed period of study shall have his/her work presented through Postgraduate School for Senate approval.