COVID 19 Research Proposal Phase

  Activity Date
1 Submission of proposed research topics 18th April 2020
2 Submission of corrected students’ approved research topics to DRP WASCAL CC&HH 29th April, 2020
3 Interaction of students with CoC and WASCAL Head Office in Accra 18th June, 2020
4 Constitution of Supervisory Teams by DRP WASCAL CC&HH Board 15th August, 2020
5 (a)   Submission of Research Proposals /Budget /Workplan to DRP WASCAL CC&HH by students;

(b)   1 month internship to meet stakeholder and share alignment of proposal with their needs (optional but important)     

31st August, 2020
6 Submission of Research Proposals/Budget/Workplan to PGS by DPR WASCAL CC&HH 4th September, 2020
7 International Advisory Board meeting/ Defense of Research Proposal/Budget/Workplan by students 22nd – 24th September, 2020 
8 Submission of corrected Research Proposals /Research Budget/Workplan  to WASCAL CC&HH by students 27th September, 2020
9 Submission of Research proposal report and corrected  students’ research proposals /Research Budget/Workplan to Accra Ghana & PGS 29th September, 2020